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How to buy

house or land in georgia?

its easy with our help

Lets see below  what is needed to by property 

What is immovable property by georgian civil code?

  • Immovable items include a tract of land with or without buildings (already constructed, in the process of construction or destroyed), building-construction units (already constructed, in the process of construction or destroyed) and line structure.

how to register property (right of ownership) ?

  • In order to produce the right to ownership for interested person, registration at (justice house)  Public Registry is mandatory.

  • Public Registry is a compilation of data on producing of rights, lien and tax mortgage/hypothec on items and intangible property wealth, amendment and cancelation thereto, as well as relinquishment of ownership right to immovable item and amendments thereto.

  • The registration of right to ownership on immovable item is recording of the data on producing of such right at the registry based upon the decision of such registration.

  • An ownership right on immovable item shall originate upon issuance of the decision on registration of such right.

  • From the moment of registration of the right to ownership on immovable item the owner is entitled to dispose such property.

Where to register right of ownership (property)?

  • To register the right to ownership on apartment/unit, please refer to Public Service Hall or territorial office of National Agency of Public Registry and submit the following documentation:

  • Application (electronic application to be filled in by the front desk operator);

  • Proof of identity document;

  • Duly attested contract on producing the right to ownership on apartment/unit;

  • Properly attested Power of Attorney if you are a legal representative of interested person;

How can i help you and what is my offer?

Buying real estate in Georgia has become very attractive to foreign visitors in recent years. Buying real estate is a very simple process. Many real estate agencies offer interested individuals to buy real estate. But when you invest in real estate you obviously need a lawyer.

Lawyer helps you make the best decision, avoid all kinds of risk and sign a contract, that protects your interests. A lawyer will explain Georgian law and assist you in planning the legal process. It will also prepare all the necessary documents, contracts and represents you in the House of Justice to register right on property.

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