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Everything about opening company and starting business in Georgia

To start business in Georgia you must register a company. This means, that Registration is a record of information regarding establishment, changes to the registration data and/or termination of registration in the Registry of Entrepreneurs and Non-entrepreneurial (Non-commercial) Legal Entities, based upon making the relevant decision.

See below frequently asked questions:

What are the main forms of  Legal Entities in georgia?

  • Limited Liability Company - LLC / LTD

  • General Partnership – GP;

  • Limited Partnership - LP;

  • Joint Stock Company – JSC;

  • Also - Cooperative.

  • Most common in Georgia is LLC; Also you can register NGO.

Where you must  register Entrepreneur or Non-entrepreneurial  company?


What documents are needed to register company?

  • Proof of identity (passport; ID) document, it must be translated by Georgian language.

  • STATUTE (this is main registration document, which regulates your company and where is written all important 

  • Power of Attorney , if you are  representative of interested person or company;

  • Legal adress (lease, rent, lending agreement), this means adress, that your company will working.

Who has right to apply for registration?

  • Any interested person , who want to start business in Georgia (also director, founder, partner, ) and also legal representative of interested person

how choose name of company?

  • You can use any name which is not used by other company, also you must know that Business name is defined in Georgian language (by using Georgian alphabet);

how much is fee for registration?

  • One working day - about 100 Gel  and if you want to finish registration on the same day cost will be about 200 Gel. 

do i need starting capital to register company?

  • No! you dont need any money (capital) to register company in Georgia. 

now see what i offer you in business law

I offer full legal and representative service. Starting with the preparation of documents completed by the company registration.

I offer following service:

  • Consultation (online by mail/viber/Fb/whatsapp/businesswhatsapp, written and also verbal);

  • draft all legall documents for your company

  • prapare STATUTE (main document)

  • Represent in Justice House

  • register your company in Revenue Service Agency

  • open bank account

  • consultation about Georgian Tax Code and Labour Law.

  • 24/7 support

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