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Everything about Residence permit 

Residence Permit is one of main grounds for a foreigner for his/her entry into Georgia and legal stay. Based upon the appropriate grounds, Residence Permit shall be issued to a foreigner with the right of temporary or permanent residence.

See below frequently asked questions:

The following types of a Residence Permit with the right to temporary residence are issued in Georgia:

  • Work residence permit – is issued in accordance with the rule prescribed by law to exercise the entrepreneurial or labour activities in Georgia;

  • Educational residence permit – is issued for the purpose of study at any educational facility authorized in Georgia;

  • Residence permit with the purpose of family   reunification - is issued to family members of a foreigner holder of Residence Permit;

  • Residence permit of a former citizen of Georgia – is issued to a foreigner whose Georgian citizenship has been terminated;

  • Residence permit of a stateless person – is issued to a person whose status of a stateless person was established in Georgia;

  • Investment residence permit -  is issued to a foreign citizen who invested at least  USD 300 000 equivalent in GEL in Georgia. this provision is prescribed in the Law of Georgia on Promotion and Guarantees of investment. in such cases, residence permits are also issued to the investor’s family members, which include a spouse, underage dependent and/or fully dependent incapacitated person;

  • Temporary residence permit – is issued to a foreigner who has been awarded a status of a victim subject to the law of Georgia “On Elimination of Domestic Violence, Protection and Support of Victims of Domestic Violence”; 

  • Short term residence permit - is issued to a foreigner and his/her family members, if the foreigner  owns a real estate (except for agricultural land) in accordance with the regulations prescribed by law of Georgia, the price of which exceeds USD 100 000 equivalent in GEL.

  • Special Residence Permit – is issued to:

  •            a) A foreigner, when there is a reasonable assumption that s/he may be a victim (suffered) of trafficking;

  •            b) A foreigner, when the written initiative regarding issuance of a temporary residence permit is presented by a                   member of the Georgian government;

  •            c) A foreigner who could not be deported and accordingly temporary identification card has been issued and 5                   years have passed from issuance of the temporary identification card;

  •            d) A foreigner holding a status of compatriot. 

  • Note: While issuing a residence permit with the purpose of family reunification, the following persons are deemed as family members: a spouse, parent, child of a foreigner having residence permit in Georgia, or accordingly short-term residence permit, as well as a minor, incapable or disabled, being his/her dependent or under custody.

Who can apply for Residence Permit?

  • foreigner of full legal age, in person;

  • legal representative of a minor foreigner (under 18 years of age), except for a foreigner from 16 to 18 years of age having registered marriage;

  • A guardian of a ward;

  • A representative of an interested person (if an interested person is in Georgia), based upon the properly attested Power of Attorney.

What types of a Residence Permit are issued - permanent residence in Georgia?

  • Permanent residence permit – is issued to a spouse, child, parent of a Georgian citizen. The permanent residence permit shall be issued to a foreigner, residing in Georgia based upon a temporary residence permit for the past 6 years. This term does not include the period of residing in Georgia for the purpose of study or medical treatment and of working at diplomatic or equal representations; 

  • Note: While issuing the permanent residence permit, a spouse, parent and child of a Georgian citizen are considered as family members.

  • Perpetual residence permit – shall be issued to a foreigner and members or his/her family, who made the investment amounted to at least USD 300,000 equivalent in GEL in Georgia, and who has received investment resident permit who can prove annual turnover of at least USD 50,000 equivalent in GEL in the first year of entrepreneurial activity in Georgia, annual turnover of at least USD 100,000 equivalent in GEL in the second year, and equivalent to USD 120,000 equivalent in GEL the third, fourth and fifth years, or to the  foreigner and members or his/her family, who has received resident permit based on ownership rights on the real property the value of which is  at lease USD 300,000 equivalent in GEL, who has the inverstment residence permit 5 years from acquisition of property rights on this real property.

  • Note: While issuing the investment residence permit, a spouse, parent and minor child of a foreigner holding an investment residence permit and incapable or disabled person being his/her full dependent are deemed as family members.

  • Residence permit of a stateless person - shall be issued to a person whose status of a stateless person was established in Georgia.

  • Note: Residence permit with the right of permanent residence is issued to a stateless person, if his/her Georgian citizenship has been terminated in the manner of withdrawal from citizenship of Georgia or s/he has permanently resided in Georgia as of March 31, 1993 , has not been deregistered but has not been considered as a citizen of Georgia.

how long is duration of residence permit?

  • Temporary residence permit is issued for at least 6 months for the first time and its validity term shall not exceed 1 year. Its validity term might be prolonged for the term of 5 years, provided that the total validity term of the temporary residence permit should not exceed 6 years;

  • Temporary residence permit of a former Georgian citizen might be issued for 6 years;

  • Investment residence permit can be issued for 5 years;

  • A short-term residence permit shall be issued for 1 year;

  • A person whose status of stateless person has established in Georgia, shall be issued a residence permit for 3 years or with the right to permanent residence.

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