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How to Divorce in Georgia Tbilisi

Sometimes in life there comes a moment, when we make the decision to divorce.

This procedure requires attention and focus on details. Divorce is a legal process and therefore it is necessary for a lawyer to participate in this procedure In the event of a divorce, a lawyer will advise you and give you advice.

Lawyer will help you to solve this difficult issue easily. You will be provided with legal services both in court and in a governmental facility.

and dont forget ! Divorce is start of new life with new possibilities.

Lawyer Beka Mosashvili

Tel: +995 579 275 900

about me:

  • lawyer of general specialization and official member of LEPL "Georgian Bar Association" - Licensed lawyer.

  • I have 5 years experience and Master degree at Business/civil Law, I offer you full legal service and trustful partnership in Georgia.

  • My extra specialization: Juvenile lawyer, family lawyer, civil lawyer

  • (member of commercial and competition law committee).

  • Position: Director of law office LLC BTD LEGAL -


I offer full legal service in field of Family disputes, especially Divorce, Alimony and property cases.

I have big experience in frame of Divorce law. I can provide legal procedures to divorce (anulate/cancel your marriage in Georgia) in Justice house of Georgia or by Court.

We register divorce in Justice House if both parties (wife and husband agree about divorce) are ready to negotiate about divorce procedure and they both want to cancel marriage.

But (wife or husband) If one of the spouses does not want a divorce, we have to lead court case in Tbilisi city court and register claim about divorce.

Result is same in both option, but justice house method is more fast and you have to pay less then court service. Because in court divorce case need several month and also lawyer must invest much time in your case.

Anyway we are ready to solve your problem and finish fastly your divorce procedure as possible.

Sometimes its hard for client to start divorce procedures, because they are not living in Georgia , but this is not problem. We lead case based on Power of attorney and we act behalf our clients. So now if you are abroad and you cant come in Georgia for divorce , this is not problem, we can work and negotiate by online.

I have big experience solving family disputes.

Also if you have not Marriage sertificate, this is not porblam, we can get its copy from archive and start legal proceedings.

if you need extra information and detailed consultation , you can call or write on mail. We speak English and Russian.

Tel: +995 579 275 900 (whatsapp; viber)

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