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What do we offer to foreigners?

➡️As specialist immigration and human rights lawyers we provide legal advice on all matters relating to Georgian immigration law. We frequently act as counsel and provide legal representation to private and public companies, banks, investors, private individuals, on often complex and contentious immigration matters.

➡️Our Georgian immigration lawyers can help with:

↘️an ability to deal with the most complex situations

↘️speed of action

↘️the best solution in the quickest time possible ↘️24-hour emergency service for existing clients ✅The breadth of our experience that enables us to provide innovative and effective solutions for our clients.

🔴Special service for businessman.

🔴We provide full legal service and you will get high quality support from us. If are going to start business in Georgia and register or open company here, we are ready to offer full service.

✔️Its very easy to register company in few days with our help. Because we know how to help to make real your wish and avoid any risk.

✔️If you have little time and time is very important for you, also you want to register your company very fast, You can also use one day registration service in justice house.

For consultation

🔴Call now 579275900

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